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eSignPay™ enhances electronic signature services by adding customer payment processing. Accept credit cards and electronic checks when you send electronic documents to your customer for signature.

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Accept All Major Credit Cards and Electronic Checks on your iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet and Windows Phone/Tablet/Desktop/Laptop.

In order to accept credit cards you need a merchant account. SaleManager can help your business obtain a merchant account and echeck service. Contact Us for more information.

Q. Can I process credit cards without processing eChecks?

A. Yes, you can start accepting credit cards only, eChecks only or both.

Q. Which platforms does eSignPay support?

A. eSignPay is available on iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablets and Windows Phones/Tablets/Desktops.

Q. Can I install eSignPay on multiple platforms/devices?

A. Yes, you can use eSignPay on multiple platforms and multiple devices with a single Planetauthorize account. There is no additional cost.

Q. When will I recieve customer credit card payments in my bank account?

A. Please refer to your merchant account aggreement. However, U.S. merchant accounts usually fund within 24-48 hours. Other regions may have a different funding schedule.

Q. When will I receive customer eCheck payments in my bank account?

A. Please refer to your eCheck aggreement. However, eCheck accounts fund within 2-5 business days.

Q. Can I use eSignPay outside the United States?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I use my Planetauthorize payment gateway account on my website?

A. Yes. You can use Planetauthorize to accept Mobile, Retail and eCommerce payments.

Q. Is eSignPay available in multiple languages.

A. No. However, the Planetauthorize payment gateway is a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Costa Rica), French (Canada)) payment platform that supports multiple currencies.  

Q. Does eSignPay store credit card data?

A. No!

For more information about Merchant Account and Electronic Checks contact our office.


SaleManager Merchant Services empowers business owners with the ability to accept credit cards and electronic check payments; anytime, anywhere on any device.

Service available to business owners Globally!.

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